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Poor dental health may lead to a low birth weight baby!

Each year, almost above 15 out of 100 fetus goes abortive because of oral injections. Of course, it is a very alarming rate for mothers who simply over this issue. That also shows that oral health is directly linked to overall health, and so both of them can be seen as a separate single unit. 20 out of 100 babies are born with some faults and birth infection due to this very cause aside from the fact that pregnant mothers brush and floss on a daily basis but they do not visit a reliable dental expert such as Golsen Family Dentistry dentist.

In addition to abortive babies and abortions due to oral health problems, the figures of low birth weight babies are also associated with oral health diseases a great deal. According to a careful medical survey report, it has come out that 18 outs of 100 babies are borne with low weight than healthy pounds. A visit to the Golsen Family Dentistry dentist can save you from facing a preterm baby down the road. Another reliable medical report reveals that mothers with highly infected fetuses have to lose their life, too.

With all that in mind, it is quite obvious that oral health is intimately connected with your general health so you are never supposed to separate one from another. Almost similar is the finding when talking about the researches made by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.


Take the matter of oral health seriously because it is associated not only with the mother’s own life but also the upcoming life of a low birth weight baby who might fail in their social and professional because a low weight baby often lacks physical and mental balance when they are admitted to the school. Instead of giving birth to a defective child, you must visit Golsen Family Dentistry dentist at least once as soon as you are pregnant.